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At Alchemista, we believe that people don’t have to be limited by preset notions on what to wear, how to think or act, or the roles they take on. So we create jewelry that helps women look great while they transcend stereotypes, redefine what works for them and be all they want to be.

Alchemista designs reflect our love of color and wide range of interests from arts and crafts to architecture, fashion and nature. Our practicality shows in our modular day-to-night jewelry with parts that change or detach and allow you to mix it up your way. Our customers love how it takes them from the office or school to dinner or an event with minimum effort and maximum impact.


Obra Typeface exhibit at Ayala Museum
Obra Typeface exhibit at Ayala Museum
Post by on May 29, 2019
Ayala Museum entrance   May 19, International Museum Day.  Pleasantly shocked to see a long twisting line of people waiting to enter the Ayala Museum...


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