Who We Are



At Alchemista, we believe that people don’t have to be limited by preset notions on what to wear, how to think or act, or the roles they take on. So we create jewelry that helps women look great while they transcend stereotypes, redefine what works for them and be all they want to be.


Designer and co-founder Georgina is a banker-turned designer who learned metalsmithing and enameling under Australian art jeweler Valerie Aked. She carves her own wax molds and collaborates with a small team of skilled smiths to fabricate pieces in base and precious metals with natural stones, using both traditional and new techniques. Since her designs utilize natural stones and a lot of handwork, many pieces are limited-edition or one of a kind.


Georgina believes in combining beauty with practicality - a multi-functional approach that has won two international awards – Best Necklace Design and Best Menswear Design – in the Royal Asscher Company of America’s Rebel Chique International Design Competition. Her designs have also won the Katha Award in the 2015 Manila FAME show, and placed in the 2010 Guild of Philippine Jewelers’ design competition, nominee for Best Product Design in the 2012 Manila FAME show, and the 2013 Gemological Institute of Thailand’s International Design Competition.


Alchemista designs reflect Georgina's love of color and wide range of interests from arts and crafts to architecture, fashion and nature. Her practicality shows in our modular day-to-night jewelry with parts that change or detach and allow you to mix it up your way. Our customers love how it takes them from the office or school to dinner or an event with minimum effort and maximum impact.

Whether it’s something from our ready to wear collections, or a custom item that is yours alone – see for yourself how Alchemista jewelry can complement you as you navigate your worlds in effortless style. Visit our store or contact us to discuss what we can do for you.