Obra Typeface exhibit at Ayala Museum

Ayala Museum entrance


May 19, International Museum Day.  Pleasantly shocked to see a long twisting line of people waiting to enter the Ayala Museum early Sunday afternoon.  The free admission day had a lot to do with it, but seeing appreciative museumgoers of different backgrounds filling the exhibit floors is definitely something to be celebrated.


With only a few hours, we caught just 2 exhibits - the last day of ‘Images of Nation: National Artists in the BPI collection’ featuring 14 masters of Philippine art, and ‘Obra Typeface’ featuring a new Imao letter font inspired by the work of National Artist Abdulmari Imao, whose sculpture incidentally was part of the the BPI masters collection.  It was interesting how these two exhibits complemented each other in a way by linking past to future.


Viewing the Philippine National Artist exhibit from the BPI private collection


Obra Typeface exhibit of Abdulmari Imao’s sculptures and the fonts and related products inspired by his work, complete with screenprinting station for monogrammed shirts and bags featuring the Imao typeface.


Ayala Museum closes starting end of May for a long renovation, but keep an eye out for its On-the-Go mobile program which promises to bring its exhibits, workshops and other activities to different locations until it reopens in 2020.  Check out their website at www.ayalamuseum.org.