Alchemista Gift Cards

Alchemista Gift Cards

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It's been challenging these past few weeks hasn't it?

With the lockdown, Covid-19 upending everyone's lives, and all the fear and uncertainty, things look a little bleak right now. But try as it might, this virus can't stop us from being human. Life events still happen. Life goes on.

So if you've been searching for a gift for a loved one's upcoming birthday, to celebrate a milestone, or simply give yourself a drop of sunshine in these dark times, we've created electronic gift cards for our customers.

Not only will you brighten up someone's day and help support a local business, but you will also be helping our frontliners in their fight against the pandemic—30% of the profits of each gift card you purchase will go to the Philippine General Hospital.

And as a small token of our gratitude, you'll also be getting first dibs on our next jewelry collection—Philippine Art Deco Buildings.

Here's to our indomitable Flipino spirit!

Be safe and stay well!

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